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Shafe checks on Hodiak after the incident at Spiral Ranch. Hodiak is drinking again.

Katie seduces a truck driver while some girls raid the vehicle for supplies. They fix Manson up with sanitary napkins. He refuses medication. Manson thinks Sadie probably took Emma to Mexico.

Grace and Karn discuss what to do about Emma going forward. Grace suspects a connection between her husband and Manson.

Shafe gets a call from Jimmy Butano Jr at his house, but he delays going to meet him since Kristin's mother is in town. Somebody throws a brick through the kitchen window. The landlord offers to let them out of their lease early, but Brian refuses, which upsets Kristin.

Grace wakes up Hodiak at his apartment. They reminisce. She asks him to look into her husband and his connection to Manson. Hodiak reveals what he already knows about the two, and they fight.

Cut is angling to make his temporary position permanent. 

Hodiak follows up on one of Manson's prostitutes who went missing. 

Hodiak recruits Charmain to interview a victim.

Shafe asks for Hodiak's assistance figuring out who threw the rock. Hodiak asks Shafe to talk to Walt. 

Charmain interviews USC cheerleader Lori Price at the hospital. She claims a stranger choked her after a party, but Tully notes that the bruises on her neck are older.

Shafe picks up Jimmy Too., who's annoyed that Shafe is running late. They head to Sprial Ranch.

Hodiak interviews Shafe's neighbor Harold. Harold is concerned about property values.

At the ranch, Jimmy Too is curious about why Hodiak was beating on Manson. Roy and Manson want to know how Shafe got him to stop. Jimmy pulls a gun to give to Manson, and Roy tackles him. Manson offers girls to Shafe and Jimmy Too. 

Shafe manages to avoid going to far with the girl Charlie provided.

Charmain reports to Cut. He brushes off her concern that Lori's boyfriend is beating her.

Hodiak notices several black women getting into a station wagon in Shafe's neighborhood. He follows the car and questions the driver about what's been going on.

Jimmy Too get's riled up about Roy, and threatens Hodiak as well.

Tully tries to circumvent Cut by going to Hodiak, but he won't investigate either.

Grace lies to her mother about Emma and asks about taking the family money out of Karn's firm. 

Hodiak is at Shafe's house with the landlord. The landlord has been running a scheme to devalue property by renting to black families. 

Charmain contacts Lori.

Shafe's friend visits Hodiak, but Walt split (with a gun( when the MP's found out where he was.

Charmain visits Lori, who is unconcious in the hospital. she sees Lori's boyfriend, Jason Elkins, signing autographs outside.

Hodiak visits Opal with two bottles of Bourbon, and they end up having sex.

As Hodiak gets dressed, he discusses Cut and Walt with Opal.

Manson tells Katie a story about his childhood.

Hodiak finds Charmain dressed up at the station. she avoids his questions, and he follows her. He talks her out of the plan to entrap Elkins. 




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Aquarius Season 1 Episode 6 Quotes

Grace: I need to leave him, but I think that he might have done something illegal.
Hodiak: Well, he is a lawyer.

That's when I knew. You've got a choice. You can be afraid. Or you can be the thing that makes people afraid.