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Pope meets with someone who gives him some kind of suicide paraphernalia. He's going to kill Smurf.

Craig is sleeping and is woken up by Smurf juicing. She serves him breakfast and he eats it all up like a good momma's boy. She also gives 10 grand.

J is running through a neighborhood. Deran serves Adrian breakfast. He's still upset with Smurf.

Pope arrives back at Baz's place with his suicide bag and takes everything out of it.He notices the door to Lena's room is open and goes in to find that all her stuff is gone.

Smurf is preparing for her party when J shows up. It's a welcome home party for herself. She also gives him 10 grand.Smurf confirms that he's Baz's son. Then she asks about Pope and tells him to be careful.

Pope arrives at Smurf's place wanting to know where Lena's stuff is. She tells him that Lena is coming home. Smurf is going to be the primary guardian. She tells him that he's not even supposed to be in a room alone with her.

Craig meets up with Frankie at the beach. She's going to take him somewhere.

Smurf is sitting at the lawyer lady's house waiting for her. Smurf confronts her about the Carlsbad property. J is watching as she leaves. Did he steal the property?

Craig comes out all dressed up in a suit and gets in the car with Frankie. He's looking good.

J meets with Mia. He tells her about Morgan (the lawyer lady). She gives him a key to something.

Pope is back at Baz's place looking over the suicide stuff when there's a knock at the door. It's Deran. Pope tells Deran about Smurf getting Lena out and what's happening there.

Craig and Frankie end up at a fancy house for a party. She tells him to follow her lead. Her new name is Anna. Craig is Danny. 

Adrian is heading out and gets a shitload of cash from some guy. What?

Pope watches the work being done on Lena's new home at Smurf's place. Pope is still torn apart about Lena and that she's still eventually being taken from him.

She gives him 10 grand, too. Tries to manipulate him then the doorbell rings and it's Lena. He answers the door and they hug.

Deran is looking at a place on the beach to buy. He's going to buy a place with Adrian.

Smurf suggest homeschooling Lena like she did with Pope. Pope is not happy with Smurf. Smurf leaves and tells Pope to watch Lena. When she does he tells Lena to pack her bag because they're going somewhere.

J is on a boat and tells Morgan to get in the boat or he'll run her over. He speeds somewhere with her. She's yapping but he can't hear over the wind and waves.

Frankie and Craig start analyzing a painting. When Craig freezes up, Frankie saves him.

Pope takes Lena back to Baz's place. She wants to know why they're running away.

Smurf shows up at the bar with an envelope full of cash. She talks to him about Pope, but Deran says nothing. She tells him about the party and asks him to stop by.

J has Morgan tied up and they start fighting. He cuts her and then dumps her overboard. He sold the building. He's trying to kill the evidence. 

Frankie and Craig are at the party. When everyone's outside, they go back inside. They go down to the wine cellar. And she talks about her past and how she knew about paintings. Her dad was an art thief.

Smurf is calling Pope. He's somewhere with Lena. It's her foster family. She wants to stay with them, apparently. He tells Lena a story about his childhood. 

Mia goes to the place where J was at before. The door is open. He bought the place and tells Mia she could stay there.

Smurf finds Lena and Pope tells her that Lena is going to be adopted by the foster family. He tells her that she needs to let it go and he won't say anything about her killing Baz. She tries manipulating him again.

She then agrees to let Lena go if he moves back in with her so she can keep an eye on him.

J shows up at the party. Smurf asks about her eye. He lies, of course. She also asks about Morgan. She convinces him she thinks Morgan took stuff, but she knows what he did. She's playing games with him.






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Animal Kingdom Season 3 Episode 12 Quotes

I just want us to be a family again.


Next time Smurfs gives me a call remind me to a take a sledge to the phone.