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Nicky wants to talk to J about her indiscretion -- again. She's apologizing again and tells him about her call to her dad. He gives her assurance that he still loves her and then leaves.

Billy's girlfriend asks J if they can sleep inside instead of sleeping by the pool. J said he has to ask about it first. She's willing to pay money and offers him some, but he still tells her he has to let her know.

Lena is eating breakfast that Pope cooked for her, but she's not that much interested. She needs help with homework. Pope has no clue. Neither does Lena. He tells her he's going to find a doctor for her to talk her.

Smurf is playing cards and being a bitch. The other girls comment on how good looking her sons are. 

Nicky is cleaning up outside. When she goes in the garage she finds Billy shooting up. He has no interest in showing her or letting her shoot up.

J is out for a run. Mia is on his path asking about his whereabouts the night before. He tells her he doesn't want to hook up with her anymore. She tells him that Nicky was doing heroin. She's trying to get rid of Nicky.

Craig and Deran are heading to the beach to meet up with the black guy. It's going to be some sort of surf competition between them and another group.

Smurf meets with her lawyers. They tell her that the defense has a witness to the shooting. 

Craig notices there's something happening between Deran and the other guy, Clark. When Craig leaves he purposely runs over and breaks the bad dudes surf boards.

Smurf gets something at the jail from another inmate.

Billy visits with Deran at the bar again. Billy wants to know if Deran is interested in a side project that he's got going on. He wants to go for a ride before telling him about it.

J visits Smurf. She wants him to find some people and gives him names on her hand. 

Billy and Deran are scoping out the place to rob. It's a pot shop. Billy gives him ideas on how to hit the vans that will be carrying the money. Deran thinks the idea is dumb. Billy shoots up in front of Deran.

Craig heads to a juice bar and asks this kid why he's beaten up. 

When Lena and Pope get home they get a visit from Child and Family Services. Pope fully cooperates when the woman goes inside the house to talk to Lena. The other guy asks questions.

J returns home and the girlfriend offers him money again including a diamond. J agrees to clear out Deran's old room.

J goes into his bedroom to talk to Nicky about better times. J is feeling like a hostage. He tells her what Smurf wants him to do. Nicky tells him they should leave.

Craig asks a guy from the beach about the guys from the beach who were causing issues earlier. 

Garcia becomes Smurf's new protector in jail. She doesn't like Smurf.

Craig is trying to find the guys from the beach. 

Pope asks Lena about what the woman talked to her about. He gives her advice on what to tell them. He tries to guide her.

Craig meets with everyone at the bar to tell them what's going on that people think the Codys are having issues and are weak.

Pope shows up at the bar with Lena.  Craig wants all of them to go and beat up the new guys to send a message. 

J tells Nicky what's going on. She doesn't think he should go, but he does anyway.

Nicky gets a gun.

The guys go to the house to beat up on the guys to send them a message. Pope waits in the car with Lena. She's got to go to the bathroom. Deran gets beat up by the a guy and J comoes to save the day. They ransack the house and find buttloads of money.They take it and leave and tell them to stay out.

Nicky is by the pool with the gun. She stars looking through the girl's bag and finds some needles. She shoots up and enjos the high but starts laying with the gun. Then the dumb ass shoots herself accidentally in the leg.

She gets the keys to the car but falls to the ground before she makes it.

The boys are at the bar talking about what they did. 

Deran tells them about Billy's job. 

J gets home and finds Nicky on the floor all bloodied up. He takes her to the hospital and leaves her by the door and leaves.





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Animal Kingdom Season 3 Episode 6 Quotes

Jail Girl: Got any pictures of you boys, Smurf? They're fine.
Smurf: No.
Jail Girl: Oh, c'mon. Not even hanging over your bed.
Smurf: Not even over my bed.
Jail Girl: Oh, yeah? Why is that?
Smurf: Because I wouldn't want this shithole to start feeling like home.

Pope: I have to find you a doctor.
Lena: Why? I'm not sick.
Pope: Not that kind of doctor. It's the kind of doctor that you talk to. There are some kind of doctors that you talk to when you feel mad or sad. They talk to you.
Lena: Why?
Pope: Because it's supposed to help you not feel mad or sad anymore.