Hello 15 - Angie Tribeca
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When an attempt to recover missing diamonds goes awry, Tribeca loses her cool, beating the sh*t out of everyone and everything in sight, including her partner. Left with no other option, Lieutenant Atkins is forced to salvage the failed op and assign Tribeca her toughest assignment yet: a day off.

After accumulating 12 - a whole 12! - sick days, Tribeca is sent home to relax, a rare concept for a dedicated police officer. So, naturally, she heads to the grocery store. While buying toilet paper, she assaults a women for trying a free sample and meets a nice, older gentleman. Under orders from Atkins, she invites him to dinner at her place, for a delicious bowl of Rice Krispies. 

Meanwhile, Geils and Tanner investigate the murder of a golf pro, a simple case. He was murdered by the husband of his mistress, a woman who has undergone far too much plastic surgery, fabulously played by guest star, Cecily Strong. But the race for the murderer is tricky when Geils and Tanner are stuck two holes behind him, behind a group of four older ladies that throw their clubs into the pond. But never fear, the LAPD's best and brightest is on the case: Hoffman. 

Angie Tribeca
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Angie Tribeca Season 1 Episode 7 Quotes

Geils: It stings! It really stings!
Tanner: I'm not surprised. It's Tabasco sauce.

Atkins: The job is getting to you, Tribeca! You're too wound up.
Angie: I could kill you for saying that.