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When a famous painting is stolen, Tribeca and her squad are on the move to catch the notorious thief, leading Angie Tribeca to face some demons from her past. (Don't worry, they're not actual demons.) 

The painting, a thumb portrait, is stolen by a man, or his identical twin, but which one of them committed the crime? The rich doctor, or his poor, aspiring artist, embarrassment of a brother?

After finding the painting in the artist's apartment, Tribeca arrests him, only to find that it's a fake, causing her to reminisce of her torrid love affair with the artist when she was a young, art student in France. The affair which inspired the portrait. 

Both brothers turn on each other and another painting is found in the doctor's possession, as well. Another fake. But no one can outsmart Angie Tribeca. The brothers reveal that they were stealing the pieces together: the aritst would recreate the painting, and replace the fake in its place, while the other would sell them. They thought they could pull an old "switcharoo" on Tribeca, literally. (A kangaroo with a light switch instead of a face was painted over the original.) It's a good thing the LAPD has resident art critic and expert Angie Tribeca to save the day.

Angie Tribeca
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Cupid. God of Love. Clearly he loved pizza most of all.

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He was very clever here. Look how he altered the meaning of the sign by spray painting over the word 'not.'