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Jeff Dunham guest stars in what ends up to be a stiff case for LAPD's best: the RHCU. 

When a famous ventriloquist and his dummy are found murdered, the team searches for a suspect and a motive, while Geils relives the humiliation of his childhood dream to become a famous, well-known ventriloquist. 

With no leads, the team examines the victim's beautiful wife, she answers nothing, but leads the detectives to a most promising lead: a possible suspect. A fellow ventriloquist, who was the victim's friend and competition. 

As Geils copes with his painful memories of being laughed off the stage at a school talent show for his horrible take at ventriloquism, his interest is piqued when his childhood hero (Guest star Jeff Dunham) becomes the prime suspect.

When the coroner discovers a thumb drive in the murdered dummy's stomach, Tribeca and her team find a lead: a manuscript for an expose that was written by the victim, giving away all the secrets of his competition, providing the motive. 

In order to take down their famous suspect, Geils must pose as an opener to one of his shows, and Tribeca must step into her most challenging role yet: being a dummy. 

Angie Tribeca
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Angie Tribeca Season 1 Episode 3 Quotes

Angie: Was he married
Monica: Yes, Mr. Parsons was married to a, hang on, I have it here... Mrs. Parsons.

Angie: We're sorry to disturb you at what must be a very difficult time.
Mrs. Parsons: Thank you. Plus, I don't know if you're aware, but my husband just died.