At the Employment Agency - American Woman
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Bonnie wakes up and dresses to the nines to go to see an attorney. Steve has been arrested for selling land that doesn't exist. He was involved in a pyramid scheme. Bonnie goes blank, unable to believe Steve did it.

Her mortgage hasn't been paid for four months, but at least the house is in her name. She has 30 days to go.

She has $126 in their joint checking account no idea what to do next.

Kathleen offers to write her a check to solve her woes, but Bonnie won't accept. It would only be a temporary solution and it would probably mess up their friendship.

When she gets home, Bonnie finds Steve begging to come home. While Bonnie is initially interested in at least speaking to him, when he notes his attorney says if they're together it will look better to the judge, well, you know.

At work, Diana realizes there are no signatures on some loan documents. Her coworker is an idiot. Diana asks her equally idiotic boss, Dennis, if he will consider her for a promotion when another man moves. He notes the idiot is up for it, as well. Diana has a year and a half more experience. Jeff, though, has a family. Diana secures her spot with a gentleman's agreement.

Greg has more excuses for Kathleen not to have sex. He's so worried about the next day when their company starts up. Kathleen wonders if he doesn't find her money attractive. He puts it off again with the idea if they get through the first day of their new venture and set the town on fire, their wacky sex life will heal itself. To make it worse? They don't even snuggle.

Bonnie digs out her Smith Corona to type her resume.

Bonnie picks up Jessica from school and has to drop her off at home to do her homework because she's going shopping with the girls.

While Bonnie is off searching for something, Kathleen and Diana talk about Bonnie. Kathleen doesn't think Bonnie can survive in the world without her looks.

Bonnie's interview with the job agency is typical.

Greg gets horny listening to candidates and then has sex with Kathleen.

A neighbor takes quiche to Bonnie to try to throw her hat into the ring to sell her house. While she's there, Bonnie's car gets repossessed, making things look even worse.

Jessica wonders if they're poor and will have to leave their house. Kathleen makes a promise she might not be able to keep, but she takes the bus to the May Co. the next day to get a job doing something she knows she can do. She may not have retail experience from the other side, but she knows it up and down from the buyer's perspective and dozens of rich friends. That's the ticker.

Bonnie then meets Loise, the woman who she might have offended by saying she'd never want to work there when they were shopping for her suit.

When Bonnie sees someone she knows come through, Louise offers to take the customer. Bonnie walks over with her head held high to talk with her, and the woman thinks she's joking. The woman promises she won't tell anyone, and Bonnie says, of course you will, and heads to the back to get the product.

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American Woman Season 1 Episode 2 Quotes

Steve: You know, when we were together, you never had to worry about anything.
Bonnie: Maybe that was the problem.

Don't you have any goddamned gratitude? This live you have. I gave it to you. All of it.