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American Crime is set in the Central Valley of California. It stars a diverse cast, led by Felicty Huffman, and it tracks the lives of those affected by a murder trial.

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Claire: I wish I had put more into his early years. You get so stressed out , you know, that you don't realize how it's affecting you and then he's grown up and there's no stress anymore.
Nick: Yeah, cause you don't have to do anything. You got a nanny to do everything for you.
Claire: She doesn't do EVERYTHING.
Nick: No. She just does everything you're supposed to do. And here's the kicker, she only speaks French.
Claire: She's sweet.
Nick: Yeah, unless you tell her something in English. Then she just stares at you because she can't understand a word you're saying.

Here's the notice of his suspension, we don't play favorites. Every student is teated equally. I understand Ms. Blaine may feel otherwise, but we've done all that we can.