Stephanie Meets Damien - Ambitions
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Stephanie tells Damien she needs him, and that she'll leak information about him if he doesn't play ball. 

He declines, and she gives a deadline. 

The deadline passes, and she tells her contact to leak the information, but Damien pops up in the nick of time and saves himself. 

He agrees to take part in the sick game. 

Amara realizes that Rondelle's is being frequented by Evans' men, and sets out to learn more about the sale of Thelma's. 

Rondelle goes to war with Greig and manages to get the police on her side when she says who she is. 

Meanwhile, Bella sent Evan a text of him asleep in her bed when she ignores him. 

He meets her and says that she needs to calm down and that he won't be doing anything to help her concession. 

Bella returns home to find all of her belongings gone, aside from her son's, and that her phone has been cut off. 

Bella then turns to Daphne with a dress, asking her to find a way to approve her concession. 

Daphne then turns to Evan, who is in her play room. 

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Ambitions Season 1 Episode 4 Quotes

Titus: You were having a nightmare.
Amara: Titus.
Titus: It's okay. I got you.

Stephanie: Thank you for seeing me at this late hour. It's really the only time I could spare.
Damien: Hmm. I can't imagine why such a high-powered attorney like you is putting forth such an effort to meet me. I've got to say, the photos I've seen of you don't come close to showing how enticing you are.