Alphas Season 2

"God's Eye"

The team races to put a stop to a leader's deadly plans and Rosen confronts Parish about Dani's fate on Alphas.

Rosen Kidnaps a Prisoner
"Need to Know"

On Alphas, as Rosen is reeling from his daughter's death, he kidnaps and interrogates an Alpha's prisoner. Harken and Gray attempt to free Skylar.

"If Memory Serves"

On Alphas, Kat and Hicks must transport a Parish asset who is quite the chatterbox and has an unlimited memory.

"Life After Death"

Dani's death at Parish's hand shocks Rosen and the team on Alphas.

HIck's True Intentions
"The Devil Will Drag You Under"

On Alphas, Parish works towards pulling off a massive blackout and Hicks real intentions are revealed.

"Second Chance"

On Alphas, when people are rusting through in West Virginia, Pete and Myka must figure out why. Artie reveals the truth about brother Adrian.


On Alphas, Kat's first assignment has her chasing down a radical new street drug. Rosen must figure out how to deal with the mole.

"Gods and Monsters"

On Alphas, when a young Alpha shows dangerous skills, it pushes Parish and Rosen into a serious confrontation.


On Alphas, Rosen enlists the help of a tech wiz to uncover the purpose of Alpha-enhancing technology. Summer Glau guest stars.


On Alphas, Rachel is abducted while visiting the hospital and the team must respond.

"When Push Comes to Shove"

On Alphas, Nina goes on a crime spree after having a breakdown and the team has to react.

"Alpha Dogs"

On Alphas, a fight club for Alphas in uncovered. Stanton Parish's origins are traced back to 1864.

"The Quick and the Dead"

On Alphas, when a killer's super speed puts the team at risk.

"Walk Up Call"

On the season premiere of Alphas, the team comes back together to handle a hostage situation.

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