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Mark is forced to put Lola's mother on the stand following her offering to be a character witness. 

She refuses to say anything that would incriminate the child and Mark is forced to send her to jail for contempt. 

Roxy later agrees to tell the truth and she incriminates the teen. 

Things get worse when it seems the youngster is being sent to juvie, but Emily manages to get the charges knocked down to misdemeanors. 

Roxy checks in with Mark and tells him to reach out to his father. He does, but then they start arguing again. 

Lola goes after Benner when she realizes that she has been played. Benner shouts back at her and the two women come to an understanding. 

Emily struggles to make sense of her feelings for Luke after she wonders whether she's making the right call going back into a relationship. 

She subsequently tries to find a way to get closer to him and he says they will take their relationship at her pace. 

All Rise
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All Rise Season 1 Episode 7 Quotes

Lola: Mam, you in the galley, please stand. Have you been here all morning?
Roxy: Ugh, no. Only about 30 minutes.
Lola: Let's toss in your honor next time, if you don't mind, and welcome to my courtroom. First time?
Roxy: Yes, your honor.
Lola: On a scale of 1 to 10, how am I doing?
Roxy: Tough question, your honor.
Lola: Oh, how so?
Roxy: Am I evaluating how you're doing your job, or the effect your job's had today, your honor?

Lola: Hey, Momma. Come on back.
Roxy: Hi, Lo.
Lola: It's okay, we don't bite.