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Spencer's mom, brother, and Coop call to wish him a happy birthday. Laura finds out and wants to throw him a party the following night. Layla wants to meet him after his family dinner at home that night. 

Laura invites Spencer's mom and brother to the party. 

Patience tells Coop that she wants to go out. She wonders if Coop is hiding their relationship. 

Layla takes Spencer to the UCLA football stadium. He flashes back to his childhood football. She gives him VIP tickets to the game the next night, playing the team his dad is a coach for. 

Spencer tells Billy that his dad is in town, and he can walk up to him and tell him he did it all without him. Billy talks Spencer into skipping the game. 

Olivia gets an address for the Crenshaw wire transfer. She and Jordan go to investigate and discover Billy has been sending money to his own father, their grandfather. Olivia tries to invite him to the party, but he turns her down. 

Spencer asks Coop why she didn't bring Patience to the party. 

Grandpa Willy shows up at the party after all. A family argument breaks out and Jordan asks Billy if Spencer is their brother. He says no. 

Spencer finds out about his mom's past with Billy. He gets angry and goes to the football game to see his dad. He finds out his dad doesn't work for Eastern Nevada anymore, and that he moved back to L.A. 

Coop tells Patience she's not ashamed of her, but she's ashamed of herself. She doesn't want to hide anymore. 

Olivia admits to Asher that she slept with Asher. He gets angry and she makes him promise not to say anything. 

Spencer forgives his mom and Billy. 

Grandpa Willy can't accept that Billy married a white woman. 




All American
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All American Season 1 Episode 5 Quotes

Billy: Wow. You know there's a difference between working out and working it out. Something you need to talk about?
Spencer: UCLA is playing Eastern Nevada tonight.
Billy: Your pops is in town.

Dillon: [singing] Happy birthday -
Coop: [cutting him off] Hey come on man, we already sang the song.
Spencer: I only get one song?
Coop: You get one song, and one wish. Blow them out.