Alcatraz Season 1

"Tommy Madsen"

Can the team reign in criminal Tommy Madsen? That's the question on the season finale of Alcatraz.

"Garrett Stillman"

The Alcatraz tries to bring down Garrett Stillman on the first part of the season one finale.

Rami Malekon Alcatraz
"Webb Porter"

Webb Porter makes his return to San Francisco this week. He's a musically-inclined serial killer.

"Clarence Montgomery"

Mahershala Ali guest stars on this episode of Alcatraz. He plays the criminal of the week, Clarence Montgomery.

"Sonny Burnett"

Sonny Burnett is on the loose! Go get 'em, Alcatraz team!

"Ames Brothers"

The Ames Brothers are on the loose this week on Alcatraz. The team must bring the siblings in.

"Johnny McKee"

Johnny McKee is the inmate on the loose this week. He's a former killer the team must bring in.

"Paxton Patty"

Paxton Patty is on the loose this week. He's the latest 1960s criminal to break out of Alcatraz somehow.

"Guy Hastings"

Robert Forster guest stars on this episode of Alcatraz. The team is trying to capture returning guard Guy Hastings.

"Cal Sweeney"

Cal Sweeney is back from the dead and doing evil things once again. He was last seen 50 years ago.

"Kit Nelson"

A child killer returns this week on Alcatraz. The manhunt is on for this evil man from the past.

Ernest Cobb Photo
"Ernest Cobb"

This is the second hour of the Alcatraz premiere episode. It's named after a prisoner from the 1960s.


Why are former Alcatraz prisoners showing up in San Francisco? That's the question posed on the pilot episode.

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