Another Victim - Absentia
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The Fentanyl Killer strikes again, this time killing Congressman Eli Ramos. Worried about Emily, Crown asks Cal to keep an eye on her. When the press surrounds Emily and Cal as they leave the Congressman’s estate, Emily comes close to having a panic attack. 

The Fentanyl Killer murders Clay Bishop, he’s a famous athlete. Clay is a big, fit man but the killer still took him down, and the security cameras were cut. The needle tip snapped off in his neck. When Emily spots a condom in Clay’s pocket, she wonders if the killer could be a woman. 

Emily and Cal find an injured dog near the body. He’s been shot. It appears he attacked the killer and has blood on his teeth. They take a swab to get DNA.

The only connection they find between their victims is that they all have  mysterious rash. 

Jack continues to feel frustrated at work. When a patient dies that he believes he could have saved, he ends up at a bar, but he gets a coffee and calls Alice. Not only is Alice a therapist but both of her parents were alcoholics.  

Emily calls Tommy and the two get back together. He tells her he loves her. She asks him to stay the night. Nick finds an empty vial in her bathroom trashcan. She tells him she’s been shooting up truth serum to try and remember. 

When Nick pushes Emily to stop what she’s doing, she tells Tommy to leave and when he won’t they get into a fight where she attacks and almost kills him. When she finally stops, he leaves.

Tyler Brandon Mills attacks a father and child at a home in the woods.

Nick and Julianne find the name of an old girlfriend of Tyler’s, Liza Tutee, in his things. She’s 25 and lives with her parents but she hasn’t been on social media in three days. They know that she last bought two sleeping bags, propane containers, and lots of ammo.

Nick plants a tracker on Liza’s car when they find her at a store. They track her to the cabin in the woods where Tyler killed the father. The team grabs Liza but when they enter the cabin, Tyler opens fire with an automatic weapon from the top of the stairs. When Tyler has to reload, Nick takes him down. Tyler had the terrified child and multiple canisters of propane upstairs. 

Later, Nick thanks Julianne because her profile helped him take Tyler down.


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Absentia Season 2 Episode 4 Quotes

Look, guys I served with in Iraq were broken by less, and she’s still here.


Julianne: Tyler is smart. He likes fantasy, military history, the politics came later.
Nick: After he was disqualified from the army.
Julianne: Yeah, he wanted to be the big man with the big gun but he couldn’t pull it off.