Under Attack - Absentia
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Emily and Cal are locked in the delivery truck. Night Watch have put a bounty on their heads but Cal’s friend, Holt, shows up and saves them in the nick of time. 

Holt is furious that Cal is a Fed and didn’t tell him but he lets them into the home he is sharing with an old woman named Oksana who was a Russian sniper in Afghanistan in the ’80s. Holt agrees to help them hunt down Wolfe the next morning. 

Holt thinks Cal has feelings for Emily but warns him that she may find the things Cal has done in his past unforgivable. 

The threesome find Wolfe but he stabs Holt and then runs wounded through a mine field. Emily follows in his footsteps despite Cal telling her to stop.

Rex steps on a mine and stays there. He tells Emily that mistakes were made and they had to be cleaned up. He also tells her that her own backyard is a mess and he’s sorry for killing her mother, then he steps off the mine and is killed. He never tells her who ordered him to kill or why.  

Emily makes it out of the minefield and she and Cal race Holt back to the house where Oksana tries to save him but can’t. 

Tommy listens to Emily’s messages and then steals an ID from a woman who works at Catalyst Diagnostic in order to help Emily with her investigation. When he gets caught breaking into Catalyst, he’s suspended from the Boston PD and may lose his entire career. He deals with it by getting drunk. 

Alice finds Jack and kisses him. The two get a room and have sex. Afterwards, Jack wakes to Alice shopping for welding gear. She’s always wanted to learn and she has ideas for sculpting. She writes herself a list with prices.

Nick is interviewed by Erica Lyle who takes him back to the site where Tyler supposedly escaped. She also wants to get footage of Nick and Alice’s home to show his happy family life. He tells Alice he can cancel that part but she tells him there’s no reason to.

As Nick is about to leave the house, a list of welding gear on motel stationary falls out of Alice’s coat pocket.

Emily returns home and can’t wait to see Flynn but there’s bad news waiting. Nick tells her that Detective Tommy Gibbs committed suicide. 

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Absentia Season 2 Episode 7 Quotes

Holt: If there’s one thing I’ve learned out here, patriotism is for suckers.
Cal: Bullshit. You’ve got a bald eagle tattoo on your back.
Holt: Had. Now I got a parrot drinking a margarita.

Erica: If you don’t let that wall down just a little bit then you’re going to come across as a cardboard stiff to every living room in America. Be vulnerable.
Nick: That’s extremely easy for you to say, you weren’t there.
Erica: Exactly. Take me there. Take America there.