Interrogating Tyler Mills - Absentia
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Emily leaves messages for Tommy apologizing and begging him to call her back. Unfortunately, Tommy sends her a message saying they’re done. 

Petra, the wife of the latest victim, Clay Bishop, says his behavior had become aggressive lately which was completely unlike him. She said it felt like he just woke up one day and had become a monster.

Jack thanks Alice for being there for him at the bar. She takes his hand and tells him he can call her any time. 

Warren has a heart attack while he’s spending the day with Flynn. Flynn calls 911 and Warren will be okay. When he’s sent home from the hospital, they have a family dinner. Flynn becomes upset because Warren isn’t sticking to his new diet. Then he brings up Valerie’s death and Emily has to explain how he met Valerie and who she was. 

Alice is furious that Emily didn’t tell them about Flynn meeting Valerie and before Emily can even explain, Warren takes Alice’s side and rips into his daughter.

Nick realizes that Emily is investigating her mother’s murder and threatens to report her at work, but doesn’t.

The DNA from the blood found on the dog at the Clay Bishop crime scene comes back as a match to Rex Wolfe, a mercenary who is ex-CIA, ex-Special Ops, but no one can find him.

Tyler Mills is being transported to another facility when the guard in his locked transport van attacks and kills him with a shot of Fentanyl to the neck. The “guard” takes off into the dark woods and Nick follows. The assassin gets the drop on Nick but says he doesn’t kill anyone he doesn’t have to. He orders Nick to lie on his stomach and count to 100. Nick does as he’s told. The assassin flees, leaving Nick alive. 


Nick is shaken. He tells Emily that he thought he was going to die and all he could think about was Flynn, so he obeyed the assassin in order to stay alive. 


It’s believed that the Fentanyl Killer, Rex Wolfe, murdered Tyler, so now the two cases are linked. Wolfe is believed to have fled the country for Moldova. Cal is assigned to head the case because of his previous experience in that part of the world and he says he wants Emily to go with him because he trusts her instincts. 


Warren gives Emily his St. Michael’s medal, the protector of warriors, before she leaves. 


Emily leaves one more message for Tommy. She’s hoping he’ll look into Catalyst Diagnostic for her. Clay Bishop’s brain is being donated to them for CTE testing. Catalyst was also the lab used for Valerie and for Emily.  Tommy’s only response to her voicemail is a middle finger emoji. 


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Absentia Season 2 Episode 5 Quotes

One hundred and twenty people. It filled me up. Let me go and I’ll give you an encore.

Tyler Mills

Tommy, look, I know I screwed up, just please call me back. Just give me a chance to apologize in person. Please.