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Dr. Odewale is dead and his killer has gotten away. 

Odewale has been getting encrypted emails regularly for seven years. He doesn’t appear to have responded to them but he saved, hid, and uploaded them to a server in a remote location which they’ve tracked down.

The FBI team raids the location with the server. They also find boxes and boxes of old Catalyst Diagnostic files and there’s a video of a masked Laurie Coulson asking him to help with additional experiments.  But they need to crack the encryption on the email to find out if he had another accomplice. 

Julianne is taking over as head of the Boston Field Office and Crown has been demoted to Field Agent. Julianne tells Emily that she’s facing a formal review for her actions at Odewale’s the night he died, but she’s recommending suspension and not dismissal because she wants to keep Emily as a part of her team. 

Jack gets reinstated at the hospital and calls Alice. He wants to get together but she reminds him that it’s over. He gets angry and accuses her of dropping him like he’s nothing. He says he’s afraid of slipping back into a dark place without her. Alice reiterates that it’s over but she’s shaken. 

Nick tells Alice that Dr. Odewale was killed. Turns out he was Alice’s mentor. She remembers that in college, he was her professor and he asked her to be an assistant on his research team. She had told him she wanted to help kids “like her.”

The FBI cracks Odewale’s encryption. There are emails with hundreds of patient files. One of them is Flynn’s. Odewale had been analyzing Flynn’s blood work for years, just like Emily’s. Cal and Emily realizing that either Nick or Alice had to know this was happening. 

Cal gets Odewale’s phone records. He called Alice several times, including when the FBI approached him and as soon as he left his interrogation. Alice was the last person he called before he died. Emily suspects that Alice cleared out Odewale’s office and then killed him. 

Alice wants her, Nick, and Flynn to go away on a camping trip together to reconnect. They hike quite a ways when Alice says she doesn’t feel well and is going to head home, but she’ll be back tomorrow to pick them up. She doesn’t want to ruin their trip and she tells them she loves them before she leaves. 

Emily calls Nick and learns Alice has left. She tells him all the news about Alice and he’s shocked and devastated, but he’s stuck in the middle of the woods with Flynn and it will take them most of a day to hike out so they have to make camp for the night. 

With Call and Emily trying to find her, Alice switches the car for a taxi and ditches her phone. Cal and Emily split up to track two different leads on Alice. 

Emily finds Alice attempting to flee and they pull guns on one another. Alice says she thought Emily was really dead and that she was only trying to protect Flynn. She claims she killed Odewale for what he did to their family but Emily thinks it was just to protect herself. Alice admits that the relationship started as a lie but that she really loves Nick and Flynn, and she can’t bear to face them. She begs Emily to let her go. Emily lowers her gun and tells Alice that she can never see Flynn again. 

Alice is about to lower her gun on Emily when a shot rings out. It’s Julianne. She shot Alice, who now lays bleeding out in Emily’s arms. 

The next morning, Emily has to pick up Nick and Flynn from their camping trip and tell them what’s happened. 

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Absentia Season 2 Episode 10 Quotes

Jack: So that’s it, just because you say it is? You’re not even giving us a chance.
Alice: I’m hanging up now.
Jack: If you do I’m coming over there.
Alice: What did you just say?
Jack: You just can’t drop me like I’m nothing. We’re good together.

Emily: Please, I need you to buy me a little more time. I need to figure out what he did to my kid. Please.
Crown: You are going to have to answer for this, Emily. I’m sorry, I can’t protect you.
Emily, I get it.