Proving Her Innocence - Absentia
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Conrad Harlow was stabbed to death in his own pool. His security cameras were cut off at 11:58pm, right after he called for an escort. When the escort got there, she says she found him dead in the pool. 

Nick asks Gibbs to keep Boston PD from arresting Emily for Conrad’s murder while he tries to find the crooked FBI agent. Emily and Nick both believe that the crooked agent killed Conrad. Nick finds out that Agent Crown left the office at 8pm last night but asked another agent to file a report for him, making it appear he was there until after 10pm. Crown says he left early to meet a woman. 

While Nick works the case, he has Emily pick up Flynn from swim practice and take him go-kart racing. Flynn has a freak accident on the go-kart and ends up in the hospital with a concussion. Alice is upset because Nick didn’t tell her that Emily would be taking Flynn out alone. Nick was supposed to be there. She’s also upset that Emily is now suspected of Harlow’s murder, but Nick keeps defending her innocence. 

Nick and Emily break into Harlow’s place to take pictures of the evidence, such as the shoe prints on the floor. 

Jack Byrne is accosted by the press getting home. He gets very upset and grabs a bottle of alcohol he keeps hidden on his fire escape. Emily comes home to find a half empty bottle of booze and a broken picture frame on the floor. When Jack comes home he’s drunk. Jack resents cleaning up her messes. He’s been the person stuck taking care of their father while she’s been gone. He’s resented her since she was adopted. He tells her that just as his life was starting to become bearable again, she had to come back. Emily moves out and into a hotel. 

Nick tells Emily that Adam, their boss, is behind Regina Talbot. Then Gibbs calls and says that they have surveillance footage of Emily driving near Harlow’s house the night he was killed. Gibbs orders Nick to bring Emily in. 

Emily admits to going out that night, but it wasn’t to Conrad’s. She confesses to stalking outside of Nick’s home that night. She wanted to see what her life would have been like if she hadn’t been abducted. It turns out that her family is better off without her. 

Nick makes a deal with Gibbs to bring Emily in in one hour. But first, Nick confronts Adam because he thinks he’s the dirty agent. Adam admits to being at Harlow’s to question him before he died. When Nick asks him about Kelly Price / Regina Talbot, Adam tells him he’s under too much stress and needs to bring Emily in to the Boston PD. He also tells Nick that he’s lucky he’s getting this second chance with him. People don’t get second chances too often, eerily mimicking what the caller told Nick the night that Emily was found. 


Emily breaks into Adam’s home and finds he’s hiding a journal with sketches of bleeding eyes. She begins to have a panic attack, when Adam comes home and she has to sneak back out. Adam notices that one of the frames on his wall has been knocked off center. 

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Absentia Season 1 Episode 3 Quotes

Nick: Thank you.
Alice: For what?
Nick: For being so patient with her.
Alice: It's not her fault, it's yours. You were supposed to be there.

Emily: Nick, why do you trust me?
Nick: I know you.