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A body is found floating in the river with its eyelids cut out. It is the signature of serial killer Conrad Harlow.

FBI Special Agent Emily Byrne has been missing for six years and was declared dead in absentia when they believed that serial killer Conrad Harlow killed her. Harlow was convicted of her murder.

Emily’s husband, FBI Special Agent Nick Durand has remarried and he and Emily’ son, now a young boy, calls her Mom. 

In the middle of the night, Nick gets a phone call from a man he believes to be Harlow telling him he has a second chance to find Emily alive, but she’ll be dead in 60 minutes. Nick and a team of FBI agents rush to a remote cabin and find Emily, drowning in a locked tank in the basement. They save her and rush her to the hospital.

Emily doesn’t remember much from her time in captivity, other than a man in a mask who beat her and tried to drown her. She’s also shocked to learn that she’s lost six years of her life and that Nick has remarried. Emily leaves the hospital and stays with her brother, Jack Byrne. 

Emily goes to Nick and Allison’s home to meet Flynn, her son. The dog remembers Emily better than Flynn does. Flynn tells Emily that she her his mom, meaning Allison, because she and his Dad never fought before Emily came back. Emily leaves the house in tears. 

Later, Nick comes to ask Emily some questions, believing her abduction may be linked to an old case she worked on investigating sex trafficker Robert Semarov who is still at large. He named all his favorite girls after flowers, and Emily was just sent a bouquet with just those flowers. 

Emily uses one of her old contacts to get information on Semarov, but she won’t tell the FBI until they agree to let her in on the case. Reluctantly, they do. The FBI swoops in to arrest Semarov when he’s supposed to buy a truckload of young woman, but a different man is there, not Semerov. Emily viciously beats on him until Nick pulls her off, trying to get the man to tell her Semarov’s location.

That’s when the FBI gets the results from the John Doe found dead in the river. The body is Robert Semarov, and the DNA under his fingernails belongs to Emily Byrne. 

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Absentia Season 1 Episode 1 Quotes

Alice: I know she would have loved to be at your race, every race, but she wanted to make your life safer, and mine. We kind of owe her, don't you think?
Flynn: You're my Mom.

If you don't believe me, Nick, why are you even asking me the question?