Through a Hotel - Absentia
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Nick was wearing a bullet proof vest when Emily shot him. It’s FBI protocol to always wear a vest in the field and Emily would know that. He tells Gibbs to go after Emily. Emily manages to jump on a train. Emily tries to make sense of the drawings in the book of Greek Mythology she took off of Charles. 

When the train announces that it will be making an emergency stop at the next station and Emily sees a police helicopter overhead, she pulls the emergency stop lever on the train and when it comes to a screeching halt, she jumps off and runs. 

Emily breaks into Eric Shen’s restaurant and sees that the Tri-King logo on the aquarium is the same as the trident in the pictures of Charles’ book.  Emily then breaks into a hotel room and finds fresh clothes and food. Downstairs she sneaks into an office and uses the computer to search Tri-King aquariums, but someone recognizes her and she has to run again. She ends up sneaking out on a delivery truck. 

Emily calls Jack to find Tri-King aquarium and figure out who ordered the tank she was in and where it was sent. Jack asks the reporter, Laurie Colson for help. Tri-King says that Emily ordered the tank herself and that the invoice has her signature. Laurie threatens to print the story. Emily heads to where the tank was delivered seven years ago. 

Alice wakes up in the basement again without Flynn and works to break out. She finds Flynn in the tank with the water rushing in. She manages to use a metal table leg to break the locks and get him out. They run, but the masked man shoots Alice with a tranquilizer dart and captures them once again. 

The FBI makes identifications on the bodies from the park. Two are Conrad Harlow’s known victims but the others are at least 15 years old, and Harlow wasn’t in the country during that time. 

Gibbs learns that the trust that pays for Charles to be hospitalized is linked to Conrad Harlow. 

Charles tells Nick and Gibbs that when Dr. Shen took them, the air smelled like candy, and Dr. Shen promised them candy, but there was never any candy. Nick figures out that it may have been where their was a great molasses disaster 100 years ago when a storage tank of molasses exploded and flooded the north end of town with 2 million gallons of molasses. In the 1990s, when they dug up much of that area, it smelled of molasses and there’s an old warehouse where the old molasses factory once was.  

Nick and Gibbs end up at the warehouse at the same time as Emily but they don’t find her or Alice and Flynn. Across the street is a shop full of masks like the ones Emily says she saw. Jack thinks that Emily may have actually been Conrad Harlow’s mentor. 

Crown interviews Ms. Wedlock, Conrad’s old girlfriend who once filed sexual assault charges. She says Harlow and a woman assaulted her but she blacked out. The charges were dropped and the file disappeared because of Harlow’s powerful family. 

At the warehouse, Emily finds a picture which leads her back to the cabin where she was found. She finds an underground tunnel. Before going inside she calls Nick and tells him where she is. She says that whoever is doing this has eyes everywhere and if they see an army of law enforcement coming that Flynn and Alice might die. She asks Nick to come alone and gives him her word that he can cuff her afterwards. Nick agrees to come alone but Gibbs follows him.


Emily heads into the tunnel alone. 

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