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John is on the phone making a deal with someone. When he's through with the call, he jumps out of the window of his office. His assistant comes in in time to see him.

Gary finds out from his doctor that his breast cancer hasn't returned.

Rome takes pills after writing his suicide note to his wife. Gary calls him and tells him a lie John.

Eddie tells his mistress that he will leave his wife that day.

Ashley finds John's suicide note addressed to his wife delilah, but she puts it away. No one else knows that there is a note.

Gary meets Maggie at his cancer support group. She's taken aback by him being there until he explains that he had breast cancer too. They have sex in the bathroom after the meeting.

Rome watches a recording of them and puts together the video for the funeral. John talks about what feirnship means. Regina wonders why John didn't say anything to delilah, but Rome can't bring himself to tell her his own struggles

Eddie gives John's eulogy and talks about all the ways John helped him and the others including helping him get sober.

Gary brings Maggie to the funeral with him. He introduces her to everyone at the repass. He finds out there that she's a psychologist. She explains what depression is like for people. Rome pulls her aside later to ask for her business card.

The guys phones alert with the Bruins game. They decide to go in John's memory while the girls stay back. They head to John's office to get the tickets. Ashleu let's them in. She also has John's phone and knows the passcode to get in.

Gary noticed that John's last call was to Eddie.

Eddie doesn't know how to respond.

At the bar Gary expressed his anger and how they don't know one another at all. He wonders if any of them were ever good friends. Eddie tries to suggest that there is a silver lining and he and Gary get into it. Rome breaks down and tells them the truth about what he was about to do too. The friends comfort him.

Eddie tells them he's in love with someone.

Delilah takes the girls to the site where John arranged for Regina to have her new restaurant.

Eddie texts his mistress to tell her he needs to talk to her and his mistress is delilah John's wife. He goes to her house to tell her his feelings again, but she turns him away. She wonders if John found out about them and that's why he called Eddie (which was when eddie and delilah were together) and killed himself.

Gary leaves a special photo on Rome's doorstep.

Ashley deleted files off of John's computer.

Maggie's doctor leaves a message about her beating cancer again.

Eddie almost drinks again.. Gary visits Maggie.

A Million Little Things
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A Million Little Things Season 1 Episode 1 Quotes

Dr. Martin: Sorry to keep you waiting, Gary. Just wanted to review your X-Ray. It's in line with what I was expecting.
Gary: Wow, doc, the suspense is killing me. Is anything else killing me?
Dr. Martin: The fact is, [takes phone call] Dr. Martin. I was very clear, balsamic vinaigrette. Yes, they do. I get salad there three days a week. Next to the edamame. Are you looking at the edamame? That brownish liquid next to the edamame is called--
Gary: Sorry, don't mean to interrupt what sounds like a super important salad conversation. I just have one quick question: is my cancer back?

Today is the day. I can't be in this marriage anymore. I want to be with you.