9JKL Season 1


On 9JKL the family crowded around one of their own when he got a gig on a local TV station as a medical correspondent.

"The Key To Life"

On 9JKL Season 1 Episode 5, Josh refused to give Judy a key to his apartment, but what made him regret his move?

"High Steaks"

On 9JKL Season 1 Episode 4, Josh begged Harry and Andrew to let him join their monthly racquetball game, but did he enjoy it?

"Cool Friend Luke"

On 9JKL Season 1 Episode 3, Judy wants Josh to choose between her and his new best friend, Luke, because Luke caused water damage to her apartment.

Meeting the Family - 9JKL
"Relationship Guy"

On 9JKL Season 1 Episode 2, Josh attempted to have his first one night stand, but his date bonded with his parents.


On 9JKL Season 1 Episode 1, a newly divorced out of work actor moves back home to New York and stays in the same apartment block as his family.

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