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Silver and Navid both witnessed the control Adrianna is under this week, as they watched a photo shoot for Luxury magazine arranged by Victor. He suggested that Adrianna pose topless and she actually went for it.

Later, watching video of the shoot taken by Silver for a school project, the pair overheard Adrianna and Victor talking about the information the latter had on the former. Navid confronted his girlfriend about it, she explained what happened with Javier's songbook and Navid said it would be okay - she just had to be honest about everything.

Instead, Adrianna saw herself on the cover of the publication and agreed with Victor that she should record the rest of Javier's songs and make an album.


- Liam was forced to take a job that involved not wearing a shirt inside a department store. Humiliated, he jumped at the offer a woman made to him to live in her pool house and essentially be her servant He later discovered this was the mother of a girl at school that crushed on him. She had persuaded her mom to make that offer; she also noticed the bottom of Liam's back, which has a mysterious scar on it.

- Charlie also has scars on his back. Annie noticed these when the two were making out, which she was happy to do after she witnessed the reading of his play and saw that he was very talented, but also very dark.The subject matter of the play scared her, until she realized it was only an act. Charlie is very nice in real life.

- Ryan and Jen learned that Naomi was raped by Mr. Canon. It at least brought the sisters closer, as Jen grew very concerned.

- Oscar told Laurel and Ivy about sleeping with the other one. He then admitted to Laurel that this was his plan to destroy her family because she had destroyed his when his dad fell for her and his mom ended up killing herself as a result.

- Dixon apologized to Ivy and told her all about the HIV scare with Sasha.

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90210 Season 3 Episode 6 Quotes

Naomi: If you show up with a raincoat and nothing underneath...
Annie: I'm not wearing a raincoat.
Naomi: Fine. Be a prude.

Do the pants come off at any point, or is this the whole show?

Dixon [to Liam]