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On the season finale of 90210...

... Ryan learned he's the father of Jen's baby, but she didn't want him to play a part in its raising. He responded by driving very drunk, running over the West Beverly sign and and seeing Mr. Cannon pull down the shade in his classroom late at night. (More on this below.)

... Jasper set fire to Liam's boat because he saw Liam and Annie bonding on it, as viewers saw and heard Annie confess to Liam about the hit-and-run. Liam responded by beating Jasper to a pulp, while Annie went home and told her mom and dad the same. Earlier, Deb and Harry basically admitted they didn't love each other.

... Dixon and Ivy made up and Dixon planned on going to Australia. However, Deb forbade it after she learned of his gambling problem. As she and Harry fought, Dixon snuck out of the house.

... Adriann and Navid got back together, after she discovered the braclet he gave her. But Javier wants to fight for Ade's love and invited her to open for him on a year-long tour.

... Silver admitted to Teddy that she does love him, forget his father!

... all alone, Naomi ended up in the classroom of Mr. Cannon. He thought she actually wanted him and didn't take no for an answer. The last scene of the season was Naomi's face, as Mr. Cannon, we'd imagine, forced himself inside her.

Episode Number:

Everyone it's a SHOW!!! It's great that everyone has opinions but please calm down! I will never think of Annie OR Naomi as whores simply because they have crushes. People break up. It's a part of life. Everyone has the chance to find the right person for them. Like someone else said, none of the characters are really meant for each other. They are in highschool. They have their whole lives to meet someone. Enjoy season 3!


2 all of u haters of 90210..pls don't comment here...u guys r bullshit....LIAM AND ANNIE 4EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!GO LANNIE!!!!!!!BTW naomi is a stupid,self centered,backstabbing,selfish bitch i ever saw....


It is ridiculous what some of you people are saying. First of all Naomi is self centred, yes she is distracted by Jen but Liam was having a crisis too and she never even noticed. Second Annie has nothing to do with Liam liking here, she doesn't even know yet and hasn't made a single advance on him. Third none of these kids are "meant for each other" they are in highschool!


I so hate that Cannon ASS!
I love Naomi!
Naomi and Liam FOREVER!


love liam n annie!!
they r made 4 each other...liam n naomi...bullshit!!


hey hi guys !! the things really ended pretty badly about naomi !!! this end was totaly terific ! i reallly didnt imagine that kinda end !! may be it has made me anti _ 90210


Im a huge fan of the show! but annie and liam makes no sense at all!
Naomi and Liam they rock! i dont want to become anti-90210! :(


PLZZZ PLZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ PLKZZZZZZZZZZ PLZZZZZZZZZZZZZ tell me it ia a lie and Naomi is fine she's a good person and she doesn't dsrv that THAT IS 2 MUCH
Liam is a jurk he left her if hr rely loved her he wouldn't leave her I HATED HIM


Ok, Annie and Liam is too much and I'm very, very sorry for Naomi, she does not deserve all this, really!!
but everybody forgot Adriana and Navid ??? OMG they are so boring, for me has ended,Iam much more Javier, besides pretty, is a good person!!!


Wow, there's a whole lot of anger directed at the plot-line directions. Um guys...it isn't actually real.

90210 Season 2 Episode 22 Quotes

I don't need to play second fiddle to another girl anymore. I've gone on that ride and I'm done.


Jen is hardly human. Who would have thought she could reproduce?