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  • Jihoon talks to his mother and tries to console Deavan. She wants him to get the money from his mother and put it in a joint acount. 
  • Jihoon's mother is annoyed with Deavan, but his father understands where she's coming from. 
  • Deavan gives him one last chance to get things together. 
  • Sumit and Jenny meet with his brother for an update on what's going on with his parents. His parents are still not happy with the situation and Jenny tells him that she's not going anywhere. 
  • Bini brings Ari and Janice to meet his siblings. They have some concerns about Ari leaving with the baby if things don't work out. 
  • They don't seem to keen with what's going on. 
  • Bini also brings him to his nightclub to see him perform with his dance partner who happens to be his ex-girlfriend. 
  • Janice stokes Ari's jealousy and has some concerns about him working in late hours at a night club instead of getting a better job. 
  • She asks Bini about his relationship with his ex and why it didnt work out an he tells them about her jealousy. 
  • Tim is nervous about seeing Melyza's famiily again. 
  • He's close with her father, and knows that they didn't tell him about the infidelity because it would hurt him too much. 
  • But Melyza's mother is not happy and doesn't think she can forgive him even after he apologized in Spanish. 
90 Day Fiance: The Other Way
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