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Kalani refuses to go to the airport to meet Asuelu's family. 

At the dinner party Aseulu's mother and sister say they want money, but Kalani's family defends her. 

In the end, they say they can put things aside, but Tammy says she still wants them to divorce. 

Meanwhile, Elizabeth and Andrei tied the knot. 

At their wedding reception, Jenn and Charlie make some rude comments about it. 

At the speech, Charlie trashed Andrei in front of everyone else, forcing Andrei to lash out. 

Larissa went under the knife to get her boob augmentation and rhinoplasty. 

However, Eric worried when she did not wake up after the surgery and made his way into a restricted area of the hopsital. 

Elsewhere, Karine and Paul left the U.S. behind and his mother worried she was not going to see him or Pierre again. 

90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After?
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