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Andrei and Elizabeth attend a dinner with his family and friends. 

Elizabeth's father and brother, however, imply there is more to his past than they think. 

A fight breaks out and Elizabeth is stuck in the middle. 

Asuelu bickers with Kahlani over her saying he is not giving his parents $1000. 

She lets him spend almost $200 on gifts. 

They arrive in Washington late, so they don't go to the meeting. Asuelu swears. 

Debbie continues to hate on Jess, so she says she had a video chat with Vanessa, which causes a huge fight.

Larissa confronts Eric, but they don't get anywhere, and she leaves his home. 

She takes his cell phone, which she bought for him.

David calls and threatens with the law, and Larissa flips out on him. 

90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After?
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