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A flight attendant quits as the plane she’s on idylls at the airport. She inflates the slide, slides down with a champagne bottle, collides with a worker, and causes the cork to get lodged in his throat. Luckily, Hen and Chimney are able to extract the cork.

Eddie and Ana have a dinner date and discuss his hesitancy in telling Christopher he’s seeing someone.

Maddie and Chimney’s doctor suggests developing a new birth plan, and Maddie suggests giving birth at home.

A robber tries to escape by hopping across roofs, but he gets stranded on one. The cops negotiate with him for hours as Buck reconnects with Taylor Kelly, who is covering the emergency. Later, Albert invites Buck to have dinner with him and Veronica.

Athena goes on call to a house where neighbors complain about the alarm continually going off. She tracks the problem to a back bedroom and loose wiring but soon discovers the wire is coming loose because someone is residing inside the walls.

The 118 pull out the woman’s husband, whom she thought she killed a buried in the wall.

Eddie tells Christopher about Ana, and he doesn’t take the news well.

Taylor leaves dinner abruptly after realizing Buck invited her on a double date.

Christopher leaves the house without telling Eddie and ends up at Buck’s.

A hospital’s freezer breaks, and Taylor calls Buck, who gets the 118 to hand-deliver COVID-19 vaccines to facilities that can use them.

Maddie and Chimney decide not to have a home birth, while Eddie introduces Christopher to Ana.

Nia’s social worker tells Hen and Karen that it’s time to reunite Nia with her birth mother.

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9-1-1 Season 4 Episode 8 Quotes

Chimney: So, what do you want to do?
Maddie: I wanna have her here.

Guess everyone has their breaking point.