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The owner of a bowling alley goes to fix a lane, unbeknownst to the teenagers bowling on the lane. Her arm becomes caught in the pin-setter, and the 118 have to pry her free.

Hen meets with Michael to give him some tea and a tent for his upcoming camping trip with Bobby and Harry.

Chimney confronts Albert about bringing different women home, which then leads them into a chat about how Chimney feels about Maddie.

Not feeling well, Michael lays down once they reach the campsite, and Bobby and Harry venture out to search for a spot to plant a tree, which is a yearly tradition that started with Michael and his father. When they return to the site, Michael is upset they went without him, and he and Bobby argue.

Later, the two make up, and Michael asks that Bobby keep him and his father’s memory alive for Harry once he is gone.

A father, helping his daughter put up a wall in her house, accidentally shots himself in the chest with a nail. On the way to the hospital, he codes, and Chimney and Hen bring him back to life.

Chimney takes Maddie out to dinner at a revolving restaurant and tells her that he loves her. She is unable to say the words back but tells him she feels that for him as well. While at dinner, a woman gets trapped between her table and the wall, and Chimney and Maddie help save her.

As a thank you from the hotel the restaurant is located in, Chimney and Maddie spend the night in a suite.

At work the next day, the 911 center is held up by the man who assaulted Josh and others, who shut down the center and hold everyone hostage.

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9-1-1 Season 3 Episode 13 Quotes

Albert: Why are you upset?
Chimney: Because you brought some rando club girl to my home and you ignited yourself all over my living room!

Hen: Yes, Bobby is an EMT, but he's not a doctor.
Michael: Which is fine, because my actual doctor cleared me for this trip, okay? This is important, okay? I need to do this.