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Bucks calls 911 to report Chimney has been stabbed. Before losing consciousness, Chimney tells Buck that Jason took Maddie. 

Flashbacks show Maddie and Doug celebrating before Maddie inadvertently breaks a glass and Doug hits her. 

In the present day, Maddie and Doug are driving aimlessly.

Buck takes Chimney's phone from the crime scene and goes to the hospital, using an unconscious Chimney's fingerprint to unlock the phone. He is caught by Athena, but she eventually takes him and the phone over to the 911 building to see if they are able to track Jason's phone. 

Maddie and Doug stop at a gas station, where Maddie flees out of the bathroom window. However, she is soon caught by Doug. The cashier confronts Doug with a gun, but after a brief struggle, Doug shoots him dead. 

Chimney wakes up in the hospital and asks for Maddie. 

Athena and Buck head towards the location of Doug's phone and track it to a tractor-trailer, concluding that Doug dropped the phone in the truck while they were both at the gas station. 

At the gas station, Athena and company find the car rental slip that Maddie left in the bathroom and they are able to track the rental car to Big Bear. 

At Big Bear, Maddie and Doug break into a cabin, but Maddie hits him with a poker stick and escapes. Doug follows her and the two eventually fight, with Maddie stabbing Doug to death. 

Wounded herself, Maddie gets up from the snow and is eventually found by Buck. 

Maddie and Chimney reunite in the hospital and share a kiss. 


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9-1-1 Season 2 Episode 13 Quotes

I just killed a man for you, Maddie. There is no coming back from that. Not for me. And not for you.


Accidents happen, right? My mother always used to say that an accident was just an opportunity to learn. The problem, Maddie, is that you never do.