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2 Broke Girls Season 1

"And Martha Steward Have a Ball"

On the 2 Broke Girls season finale, Max and Caroline plan to attend an event where Martha Stewart will be a guest.

"And The Big Buttercream Breakthrough"

Max and Caroline get a job baking cupcakes for a socialite's birthday on 2 Broke Girls.

"And the Messy Purse Smackdown"

When Caroline helps Max with her tax return, she forgets to mail Earl's on 2 Broke Girls.

"And the Drug Money"

Max talks Caroline into taking part in a clinical drug trial this week on 2 Broke Girls.

"And the Spring Break"

Caroline and Max attend a wine testing on this episode of 2 Broke Girls. They also take a getaway to a rich couple's apartment.

"And The One Night Stand"

Carolize cozies up to Edwin, the cupcake site webmaster this week, while Sophie and Max discuss a surprise party for their pal.

"And the Kosher Cupcakes"

Max and Caroline are hired by an Orthodox Jewish woman this week. She asks them to bake for her son's Bar Mitzvah.

"And the Broken Hearts"

It's Valentine's Day on 2 Broke Girls. Max and Caroline spend the occasion at the hospital.

"And the Blind Spot"

Sophie tests Max and Caroline this week. She wants to see if they have what it takes to work as maids.

"And the Upstairs Neighbor"

Max and Caroline run into trouble with their neighbor on this episode. The arguments aren't pretty.

"And The Secret Ingredient"

Caroline gets obsessed with couponing this week. She also makes a valuable discovery.

"And the Pop-Up Sale"

Caroline tries to sell expensive rings to a pawn shop this week. It's the final episode of 2011.

"And The Reality Check"

Caroline must face her old crowd this week, while the girls must also say goodbye to a good friend: Chestnut.

"And the Very Christmas Thanksgiving"

Caroline and Max spend the holidays together this week, broke. They work at a department store to extra cash.

"And The Really Petty Cash"

Johnny's girlfriend hires Max and Caroline this week. But are her intentions pure?

"And Hoarder Culture"

Oh boy. Max and Caroline set out to clean a hoarder's apartment on this episode of 2 Broke Girls.

"And the Pretty Problem"

Can the girls take their cupcake goal to the next level? They enroll in a cooking class this week.

"And the Disappearing Bed"

Caroline tries to build a bed for herself this week. Can you imagine how well that goes?

"And The 90's Horse Party"

Chestnut takes center stage this week. Caroline's horse is as part of a 90s-themed party thrown by 2 Broke Girls this week.

"And the Rich People Problems"

Max gets a look at Caroline's former life this week. The pair revisit the former's old home.

"And Strokes of Goodwill"

It's off to the goodwill store on 2 Broke Girls this week. Read on for a recap.

"And The Break-Up Scene"

Caroline tries to do Max a favor this week. It doesn't go very well.

Kat Dennings and Beth Behrs star in 2 Broke Girls. We meet their contrasting characters on the series premiere.

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