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12 Monkeys Round Table: The Big Burn

12 Monkeys Round Table: The Big Burn

12 Monkeys Season 1 Episode 3 gave us a look at Cassie's tough time in Haiti. Join our round table to see what our panelists thought and share your theories in the comments.
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All living things can travel through time. It's simple, really. Just wait a moment, and then another, and another. Do this often enough and you will have arrived at tomorrow. Enough tomorrows and you will be dead, adrift without power or patience. At the very end of time, you will ask yourself, "Where am I right now, and what have I done?" You will have grown old. You will have hoped, and you will have let go of hope. You will have tried, and you will have failed. Shaped by time and you are that you are not meant nor wish to be and you may be left with someone you loved and all the horrible things you've done for them until finally you will lose the very last thing you have left, yourself.


Cole: Who are you?
Sock Mask Dude [unmasks]: That's right. Take it all in. Greetings, asshole. I'm future asshole.