Brooke: You're gonna help me?
Felix: Of course, Brooke. You're my girlfriend.
Brooke: Hmm, thanks.
Felix: Besides, I have to if we're ever going to have sex again.

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Brooke Davis
One Tree Hill Season 2 Episode 12: "Between Order and Randomness"
One Tree Hill
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One Tree Hill Season 2 Episode 12 Quotes

Come get the crabs at Carl's Crab Shack.


Haley: Shut that off.
Taylor: Is this thing from Miss Chris? Sounds sexy.
Haley: Nathan is in the bedroom, do you wanna start World War III?
Taylor: Nice henna tattoo.
Haley: It's not henna.
Taylor: It... is real. 23? That how many tequila shots it took you to do it?
Haley: Stop it.