Jordan: I thought I had a match, but she's in Shanghai on business.
Morgan: How long is the flight?
Jordan: 11 hours. I couldn't talk her into it. She's about to close the deal of her life.
Morgan: Who talked to John Raponi? He's a firefighter, peak physical condition.
Park: I did. He was at a bar... at 3 PM. Doesn't give me high hopes that his liver will be in perfect condition.
Morgan: Not ideal but not disqualifying.
Asher: Rachel Trainer is the better option. She's local, a preschool teacher, and an extremely devout Christian.
Jordan: What makes you think her faith helps us? I'm a devout Christian and I'm not sure I'd be a live liver donor for a family member, much less a stranger.
Asher: You may be devout, but you are also selfish.

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The Good Doctor Season 4 Episode 10: "Decrypt"
The Good Doctor
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The Good Doctor Season 4 Episode 10 Quotes

Olivia: I can't get it open. My code won't work.
Claire: Well, figure it out! This patient needs a chest tube.

Morgan: Not the result we hoped for. Your labs confirmed what we saw in the ultrasound. You're in end-stage liver disease.
Woman: But I always take my medicine.
Morgan: I know. You're the most compliant patient I have. But autoimmune hepatitis can progress even with treatment. You need a liver transplant. We talked about that before, remember? But you're gonna have a fantastic team of surgeons working their tails off to get you fixed up. We're gonna get you admitted. Do you have any questions?
Woman: Someone has to die so I can live?