You know the worst part about growing up without a father? It's having to be a father to a brother without ever being a son.


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On My Block Season 3 Episode 5: "Chapter Twenty- Five "
On My Block
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On My Block Season 3 Episode 5 Quotes

Spooky: I didn't know shit about you snatching up my brother and his friends after I delivered the Prophet$ and clean cash. I was right about that, just like I'm right about 19th street. They're fearless. They have no code. They don't care if they die, which means they don't care if innocent people do either.
Cuchillos: They're little boys. Whiny little bitches whose balls haven't dropped. Traviesos.
Spooky: Traviesos we can't control. We need to work with them. Neutralize them.

Ray: You're a good kid. I'm proud of you.
Cesar: Thank you.
Ray: I had a shitty dad. Never thought I'd be a good one. You know that old saying, you don't get to choose your parents? Truth is, you don't get to choose your kids either. If I could ... I'd choose you, mijo. Yeah, you're the first person I've ever looked up to.
Cesar: Me? I'm nothing to look up to.
Ray: No. I know nothing. As long as I've been alive, I've been nothing. You, you aren't nothing. You're a kid who's never needed anything, let alone anyone, to be something. Someone to look up to.
Cesar: Well, I'm proud of you too, dad.