Keith: You and me, we have an understanding.
McKenna: Which ended the second your hardware was used on the LAPD.
Keith: You can’t prove nothing.
Burnett: Last chance to do this friendly.
McKenna: No, no, no I got this. See, normally Syd is the one who would lose her cool while I would calm her down, but there’s a kid involved and I’m not playing good cop tonight.
Keith: You’re bluffing.
Burnett: She can’t bluff. It’s a whole thing.
McKenna: You don’t talk by the time I’m done, I’m gonna pull this trigger.
Keith: McKenna.
Burnett: LAPD charts every round we fire, but if one of your guns goes off, accidents happen right…
McKenna: Times’ up.

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LA's Finest Season 1 Episode 1: "Pilot"
LA's Finest
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LA's Finest Season 1 Episode 1 Quotes

Patrick: Is that my credit card? We gave that to you for emergencies.
Izzie: A draconian dress code policy enforced by a slut-shaming patriarchy enabler is an emergency.

McKenna: What are you doing anyway?
Burnett: Dating.
McKenna: Online?
Burnett: Don’t judge me just because you’re out of the game.
McKenna: I’m not out of the game. I won the game. I got married.
Burnett: Uh, you did not win the game. The game played you.
McKenna: Well, does the game make you breakfast in bed or fix a leaky faucet?
Burnett: My building has maintenance and food can be delivered. Oh, check that out.
McKenna: Is that a Toblerone?
Burnett: Guess again.