Dr. Bishop: Mags!
Mags: WhaT?
Dr. Bishop: Where do you spend every waking moment of your days?
Mags: In this hospital.
Dr. Bishop: Exactly. And when you're not here, what're you doing?
Mags: Reading.
Dr. Bishop: Reading what?
Mags: Medical textbooks. I've read three studies on this procedure, and I've watched every video avaliable online. You're the one always telling me not to overthink, but I'm ready fo this because of all the work I've done.
Dr. Bishop: I agree.
Mags: You do.
Dr. Bishop; If I were stuck in an elevator with a hematoma, no imaging, and no tools, I'd be lucky to have you there to handle it.

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Transplant Season 1 Episode 10: "Collapse"
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Transplant Season 1 Episode 10 Quotes

Bash: Are you okay?
Mags: Yeah. What? Am I okay? Are you? What were you thinking? You could've been killed. You can't just-
Bash: Show up and volunteer as a doctor?

Dr: Bishop: We're still waiting on an ETA from the scene. In the meantime, I want -
Claire: What's he doing?
Dr. Bishop: Dr. Hamed! Running into the fire, apparently.