YOu can choose to see me as just my mistakes or you can see the man who I am now, just like you can see my son as just a kid from North Philly, a teenage father, or you can see him for what he is, a sweet kid who is trying to do the right thing. But what you can't do is write him off. I'm not having that.


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This Is Us Season 4 Episode 7: "The Dinner and the Date"
This Is Us
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This Is Us Season 4 Episode 7 Quotes, This Is Us Quotes
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This Is Us Season 4 Episode 7 Quotes

Beth: Deja and Malik skipped school.
Randall: What? You're not even supposed to be seeing that boy.
Deja: He's at my school. You gonna ban me from school too?

Deja: I hate that?
Malik: Hate what?
Deja: Not remembering when my grandma was alive.