Park: Some of this is on you. Every time we talk you don't tell me anything about your life.
Cal: That's because you don't want to know.
Park: That's not true.
Cal: Yes it is! You're saving patients 100 hours a week. You don't want to feel guilty so you ask if I'm okay because you want me to be. So I tell you I'm fine.

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The Good Doctor Season 3 Episode 17: "Fixation"
The Good Doctor
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The Good Doctor Season 3 Episode 17 Quotes, The Good Doctor Quotes
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The Good Doctor Season 3 Episode 17 Quotes

Melendez: You've been through this before.
Woman: 17 times. 18 times if you count the homeopathic doctor. Nobody has been able to figure out what's wrong with me.

Glassman: Why are you ignoring my messages? Are you sad because of Lea?
Shaun: Yes, I am sad, but it is going to be okay.
Glassman: Of course it will. I know you are upset about Lea but -
Shaun: I'm still going to be with Lea.