Robin: Who are you? Who sent you?
Alice: Nobody sent me. I just wanted to see my papa.
Robin: And why are you lurking?
Alice: Because his heart is poisoned, if I got any closer, he'd die.
Robin: You're Alice. Nook's kid.
Alice: Nook?
Robin: New Hook. It's a thing that my mom in it ... you know what, it doesn't matter. Wow, so you're the girl in the tower.
Alice: I got out of that tower years ago.
Robin: So, I heard. I thought Henry and Ella left you in Wonderland looking for a cure for your father.
Alice: Well, he did, but I failed.
Robin: I'm sorry. I know he misses you.
Alice: How do you know my papa?
Robin: I'm a part of the team. You know, my mom and aunts, your dad, a bunch of other people I don't really know. Kind of new here. Name's Robin.
Alice: New Robin? So, Nobin?
Robin: Yeah, don't call me that,

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Once Upon a Time Season 7 Episode 14: "The Girl in the Tower"
Once Upon a Time
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