Todd 17: Oh hey guys. Aren’t you supposed to be on lockdown?
Julia: Wanted to help. Whatcha up to?
Todd 17: Uh nothing, just like getting supplies.
Penny: That’s cinnabar. That shit’s pretty toxic.
Todd 17: No, this is cinnamon.
Penny: Cinnamon? How’s cinnamon gonna help with the security system?
Todd 17: Dean Fogg asked if I could …
Julia: Why are you acting so squirrely?
Todd 17: Why are you acting so squirrely? I always act this way, OK. You know, whatever, I have to get this for Fogg … to Fogg because of the … for his toast. I don’t know.

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The Magicians Season 5 Episode 7: "Acting Dean"
The Magicians
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The Magicians Season 5 Episode 7 Quotes

Margo: Yeah, no shit Fillory’s in trouble. Goes by the name of the Dark King.
Eliot: Or whoever’s ordering dark shit on his behalf. We’re still investigating.
Margo: Which we were kinda in the middle of until you dragged us here ‘cuz you were sure bacon mcswine flu was talking about the harmonic convergence.
Julia: Oops. We accidentally stopped billions of people from dying. I’m sorry.

Todd: Something, something Fillory, a most amazing land, but fucked by catastrophe, and way before we planned. La la blah blah Fillory, a land without a god. Needs a brand new hero, a strapping land named …
Julia: Todd, please stop. OK, I just want to get this straight: So pig man gave you the quest in the form of a song?
Todd: Yeah. I might have changed some of lines, but that’s the gist. There’s also like three more verses, and the key change is tricky.
Julia: Or you could just write it down.
Todd: Oh, I did. The parts I could remember anyway on a couple of napkins, and then on the back of my hand. But don’t worry, I transferred that to another napkin. But short version: Fillory is in real trouble. He said death is coming for everyone, and then he rhymed that with smeveryone. Anyway, could you please help me?
Julia: I’m not going to help you; I’m going to take over entirely for you.
Todd: Oh thank god because I am dangerously underqualified for this.
Julia: I know.