Jessica: What is wrong with me? What is it about me that I attract these horrible men?
Gil: There is nothing wrong with you, and there are good men out there too.
Jessica: I had a chance with a good man. I screwed it up.
Gil: We both did.

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Prodigal Son Season 1 Episode 19: "The Professionals"
Prodigal Son
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Prodigal Son Season 1 Episode 19 Quotes, Prodigal Son Quotes
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Prodigal Son Season 1 Episode 19 Quotes

Hey, I just, I wanted to say I'm sorry to leave you and end things this way, but I have to do this on my own. Please don't come after me OK. Take care of yourself, Malcolm. You deserve to be happy.

Eve's voicemail

Malcolm: Way to go, mom.
Ainsley: I don't know. I have done a lot of reading on Endicott pharmaceuticals, and honestly, they're kinda shady. I mean dad used to do research on them, and I'm pretty sure he just gave me the once over.