Michael: What do you say Card? Grayson is in cuffs. Is that enough to make The Agency happy?
Card: Michael. Take a breath. For the god, you are allowed to be human every once in a while.
Michael: Answer the question please.
Card: Well Michael, as of 20 seconds ago, Fiona got invite to the CIA company picnic and an official asset. Now, it's up to you get to apprehend her "get out of jail free card."

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Michael Westen
Burn Notice Season 6 Episode 5: "Split Decision"
Burn Notice
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Burn Notice Season 6 Episode 5 Quotes

Sam: Hey if you want you can babysit Rebecca and I go with Nate.
Jesse: No, No. Thank you bring-on the ex-con.

She won't say anything about where he disappeared from or what spooked him. For all I know, the guy wander into the wrong section of Bed Bath and Beyond.