Callie: We all think that we're going to end up with our first love.
Mariana: You know, I just realized, your first love is getting married this week. Is that weird at all?
Callie: Well, I've loved Brandon as my brother a lot longer than I loved him as more than that. I guess, yeah, maybe a little.

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The Fosters Season 5 Episode 20: "Meet the Fosters"
The Fosters
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The Fosters Season 5 Episode 20 Quotes

Jamie: Why do you assume all corporate lawyers are charlatans?
Callie: Why do you feel you need to mansplain what my job is as a lawyer?

Stef: Kinda crazy that our kids have been dating for two years and we barely know each other. Not for lack of trying.
Diane: Yeah, that's on us.