Dixon: Want to get some lunch?
Silver: Yes. But first I'm just finishing up a piece on my creepy custodian guy. You know, the one with the lazy eye? I'm fairly certain he was checking out my ass this morning. But then again, maybe he was just tired.

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Dixon Wilson, Erin Silver
90210 Season 1 Episode 12: "Hello, Goodbye, Amen"
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90210 Season 1 Episode 12 Quotes

Dixon: Christina came along and she exposed me to some really amazing things. But, I know you hate her.
Silver: Okay, well hate is a very strong word. Loathe and detest, maybe.

Silver: I need you to do one thing for me.
Dixon: I know. I'll never lie to you again.
Silver: No, not that. Introduce me to Denzel!