Carrie: Well, I will, because I'm the one dropping fire on all of these people.
Quinn: Yeah, well I know what that's like.
Carrie: What?
Quinn: Ticking names off a kill list for a living.

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Homeland Season 4 Episode 1: "The Drone Queen"
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Homeland Season 4 Episode 1 Quotes

Jesus. There were a lot more people in the farmhouse than we thought.


Actually I have another thing I want to mention. Just something I want to throw out there. If
we'd known in 2001 we were staying in Afghanistan this long, we would have made some very
difference choices. Right? Instead our planning cycles rarely look more than 12 months ahead, so this hasn't been a 14 year war we've been waging, but a one year war, waged 14 times. I think we're walking away with the job half done.