Anne: You did it, my love. You did it! I didn't know what you were going to say. I thought I'd have to watch you die right there.
Cotton: There was a moment when I knew the devil had won, and I had fallen out of God's world and into his. And then I saw you. The face, the love, the light shining from it. And then I knew in that instant that even if I was in the dark and Godless universe, there was still love. There was still you.

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Salem Season 3 Episode 2: "The Heart Is a Devil"
WGN America
Tamzin Merchant, Seth Gabel
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Salem Season 3 Episode 2 Quotes

John: Where are you going?
Mary: Where only I can go.
John: No. I won't.
Mary: You can't help me, John. I made that boy's body, only I can unmake it.
John: You said you'd tell me all. That there would be time...
Mary: I lied. There's no time, no time at all. If I succeed, we will have all the time in the world. If I fail, then at least I felt your love in me once before the darkness fell.

Mary: What have you done to me now, queen of bitches?
Tituba: Only ripped your soul through the wall of silence, cursed you back to life, and trapped you forever in the home of all your tears. Run as far and as fast as you may, Mary Sibley. You can never escape Salem.