There might be a way to slow him down. We literally slow down time. Come on, that's gotta be like the fourth most crazy thing you've heard in the past three hours.

The Flash

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Supergirl Season 4 Episode 9: "Elseworlds, Part Three"
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Supergirl Season 4 Episode 9 Quotes, Supergirl Quotes
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Supergirl Season 4 Episode 9 Quotes

Barry Allen: You can't just write yourself as a hero. It doesn't work that way.
Deegan as Dark Superman: Doesn't it, though? You were struck by lightning, I was given the book by a higher power. Both random acts of chance. This is my destiny so much more than becoming The Flash was ever yours.
Barry Allen: People don't become heroes because of circumstance. They become heroes in spite of circumstance.
Oliver Queen: You're just a cheap knockoff.

Kara: You're a monster.
Deegan as Dark Superman: No, I'm Superman.