There are three surviving Holmes men, and you've sampled the carnal wares of one. Two would be a pattern.


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Elementary Season 4 Episode 9: "Murder Ex Machina"
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Elementary Season 4 Episode 9 Quotes, Elementary Quotes
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Elementary Season 4 Episode 9 Quotes

Mason: So, why do you care? I'm just saying, he was a bad guy, now he's dead. You should go see a movie or something.
Joan: The people who killed him also killed his bodyguard and the valet who was getting his car.
Sherlock: And even if there were no innocent victims, no murder should go unsolved, and no murderer should walk free. To think otherwise is to descend into a pit of moral relativism.

Gregson: Where is Sherlock?
Bell: He was out with some friends. I sent a radio car to get him.
Gregson: [dubiously] Since when does he have friends?
Joan: These are more 'exercise partners'...