Ms. Mateluna: Let me understand. Are you asking me to give him a grade he doesn't deserve to pass him when he did failing work?
Lucia: To be honest, how little my brother understands physics has very little to do with the rest of his life. What has everything to do with it is how well he we can keep our family together. The world hasn't been very kind to us lately. And it would be nice if someone could show Beto a little forgiveness.
Ms. Mateluna: Actions have consequences, Lucia. And even if I can't teach your brother physics, I can teach him that. Some of us do things as they're supposed to be done. We take time. We do the work. We come to this country legally. I'm sorry that what your parents did put you at risk even though it makes things worse for the rest of us who have to prove over and over that we have the right to be here. There are no free passes. Not for your parents. Not for any of us, and not for Beto.

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Party of Five Season 1 Episode 2: "Margin of Error"
Party of Five
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Party of Five Season 1 Episode 2 Quotes

What's the matter, kiddo? You don't trust me?


Lady: Excuse me, may I ask: Which one of you does he belong to?
Emilio and Beto: Both of us.
Lady: I mean, you know genetically.
Emilio and Beto: Both of us.
Lady: Now how does that work exactly? They just spin the sperm, and you never really know?
Emilio: No we're not a couple.
Beto: We're brothers. All three of us. He's our brother.
Lady: Oh well, isn't he lucky then to have his two big brothers looking after him today.
Emilio: Today and every day.
Beto: Our parents got deported.